Table Plans

A table plan is the most important sign you will need for your wedding breakfast. It will let all your guests know where they are sitting so they can find their tables with ease. 


*Also available in the Essentials Package*


- Name or number your tables.
- A large table plan will fit up to 120 guests comfortably. If you have more than 120 guests please contact us for more information before ordering. 
- Table plans can change a number of times before the day. We suggest ordering early, but we will not despatch until 2-3 weeks before your wedding. This enables us to make any amendments required (free of charge).
- Need place cards? We can help with that too, so please get in touch!

Amy & Adams' large walnut table plan looks stunning against the bare bricks of this venue. It holds 46 guests, including the top table. 

This extra large chalkboard table plan was definitely created with the theme in mind. 

With 195 guests, Laura & Thomas had fifteen rugby teams at their wedding, which was based at their favourite club.

Helen & Chris had 52 guests attend their big day. This large natural wood stained table plan also includes a top table and garland decorations. 

We managed to squeeze all 125 guests onto this large table plan perfectly. Stevie-Leigh and David's wedding was set in a beautiful garden, so this flowery "seating for eating" plan worked a treat.

Tom & Hayley's wedding, on one of the hottest days of 2017, was in a beautifully converted Essex barn. Their flowery large table plan hosted 88 guests and complemented their colour theme.